Saturday, March 26, 2011

his first date

MORP 2011
this made me feel very, very, very old..........

Monday, March 21, 2011

my weekend

watched a baseball game in the freezing cold and even snow
it was worth watching it in the snow
my boy played varsity for the first time
it was awesome
they lost but it was still awesome
took care of my sick, really sick jess
let lily make the biggest fort (mess) in the basement with her friends
rushed to church
rushed to work
rushed to a birthday party
sent my little boy off to disneyland
oh how i wish i went with him
helped clean out b's closet
and laughed when he tried on all the clothes that i was sure would still fit
and of course didn't
watched a great movie with popcorn and LOTS of butter
it was a good weekend
now it's monday
spring break can't come soon enough

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

eye of the storm

i taught a lesson on choosing faith on sunday. i prepared my lesson way ahead of time and felt pretty good about the whole thing. except for the fact that i get ridiculously nervous. i hope that part goes away or gets better. anyway i taught about choosing faith over everything else. choose faith over fear, choose faith over doubt, choose faith over the unknown or unseen and choose faith over pessimism. it is time for me to practice what i preach. i write this so that maybe someday my kids or grandkids will read this and learn something from it. something has happened that is unfair and will make life a little challenging for us this year. i am mad about it and frustrated, but that gets me nowhere. i heard that in life we will encounter storms. some storms will be small and some will be big. but during big storms there is the eye of the storm. that is where it is peaceful and calm. i must choose faith to get to the eye of the storm and realize that somethings are out of our control and someone else is in charge. i still will be in the storm but i will not let the storm inside of me.

that was kind of deep but i loved that analogy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

and i cried

brendan got asked to his first dance
and i cried
i have no idea what that is all about
but when lily brought this stuff into the kitchen
i knew what it was
abby is her name
abby is taking my big boy on his first date, first dance whatever you want to call it
they do grow up way too fast
but this is really kind of fun and exciting
and he tried to down play all of it
but i am his mom and i know him quite well
and he was excited.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

who knew

who knew black electrical tape and the halloween box could be so fun on a lazy sunday afternoon.