Sunday, April 13, 2008


So I picked Evan up from nursery today and there was a swarm of bees in there! How cute is this? The lesson was on being thankful for insects, I am thankful for the nursery leader who just gave me a halloween costume! This adorable person is my neighbor and I love her to death, and how lucky I am she loves her calling and loves my child enough to spend countless hours preparing for her lessons. Evan kept this on all day and even had a nap in it! One more thing, she made each child a spider treat out of a ding dong (I think it was a ding dong) licorice and other candies, so cute no picture of this it was eaten on the way home from church!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Niki!!

Happy Birthday to my older sis! To the best big sister in the world. I know I made her kind of mad the day I was born, December 25, 1971 and took mom and dad away from her on kind of a special day, but I really didn't mean to, but maybe I did, I am the middle child! We had some great times in the good ol days. Playing office, school, restaurant and many other things. Then we both turned into teenagers and didn't like each other too much. I wonder if it is because I used to steal her clothes and wear them all day and then try and sneak them back in to her closet. I always got caught!! She used to beat me up, she was small and still is but she could seriously kick my butt! We became friends again when she got married and I went off to college. We realized we kind of liked each other. She doesn't beat me up anymore, and I really love her to death. I know she helped me out and was there for me during some hard times, and I hope I have been there for her during her rough times. That is what sisters are for! Love you Niki and I hope you have a great birthday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is it time to plant flowers yet??

Most of you know I lived in Vernal for 2 years. Vernal is known for its dinosaur attractions and these amazing, beautiful flowers that line the streets of downtown Vernal. The guy who invented and designed these planters lives there. Anyone who knows me, knows I love flowers! I love to buy them, way too many of them, I love to plant them and I love to look out my window each summer morning and see how they have grown. Strange i know. Mine never look quite this good. Someday maybe. So if you have a son who is way in to dinosaurs and want to take a short little trip, go to Vernal visit all the dinosaur attractions and notice all the flowers! I believe Temple Square also has these in the summer! Happy planting!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hug and kiss your little ones....

I am listening to the news, and they have found the body of the little girl that has been missing since yesterday. Just breaks my heart, the little girl was only 1 year older than my Lily. I hear these stories and always think of my little ones. I am so thankful for my little ones. How lucky I am to kiss them goodnight at the end of each day. My heart goes out to the family that has just lost their little girl.