Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our weekend...

Jessie had a piano recital, she did really good, only a few mistakes. She did look really cute in her new outfit that she just HAD to have for the big event! It's not about what you are going to play it is about what you are going to wear!

Ruby finally got her picture taken! Soooo cute!

Funny Things my kids have said lately....

Brendan-hasn't said anything funny, in fact doesn't say much at all. I don't think it is cool to talk to your parents at his age.

Jessica- we were at the dentist the other day and I had Ruby and the ladies in the office said to me Jessica must be a big help with the baby I said yes, she is my right arm. Jessica under her breath and sarcastically says yep, and her left. I can't help it I need 4 arms with 2 babies! I love her!!

Lily-this was on a Sunday because I remember the kids "trying" to play together in the basement and she comes upstairs with a very serious look on her face and says, " Mom can we sell Brendan on ebay?"

Evan- I don't know if you have seen the Hillshire Farm lunch meat commercial but at the end of the commercial they raise their arms and say "Go Meat!" Yes Evan raises his arm and says this, quite funny!

Ruby- kind of like Brendan-doesn't say much!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What am I thinking?

What am I thinking, setting up a blog? My little sis got me into all of this and my good friend Amy came over to show me the ropes of blogging! Hopefully I will figure all of this out. I am sure it will take some time, time I really don't have with 3 kids and 2 babies but I am sure I can squeeze this blogging thing into my life! Even if it means the cleaning and laundry doesn't get done, oh that's right it wasn't getting done before!

Easter Weekend in sunny St. George!

All Evan wanted to do was ride the cycle, hmmm I wonder where he got that from?!

All of the kids on Easter Sunday! Evan, Brendan, Lily, Ruby & Jessica