Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Evan being Evan

Whenever Evan sees the camera he just sits right down where ever he is and waits for his picture to be taken. I should probably work on combing his hair right after the bath, it might look a little bit better or it might not..

Everyone needs a Brendan

Yes he washes my car, mows the lawn, cleans the garage and even cooks steak dinners!(I did make him put on the
apron!) His best buddy was out of town over the holiday
weekend, so he just hung out at home! What a treat-minus
the teasing and tormenting he did to his sisters..I guess he can't be perfect..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big Kids

Brendan asked me why he was never on the blog and it is always the little kids-well here is Brendan-the back of him..this is where we spend our Saturdays, at the ballpark. Double-headers, you gotta love em!

A good friend told me it doesn't matter what gift you give a person, it is all about how you wrap it up! With this gift we went for a pink theme, so fun....bought Walmart flip flops and added the hot pink flowers! Jess wanted to keep this one!

Is there anything cuter than baby feet? Yes baby feet with painted toenails!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things that really tick me off

I will keep my list short and to the point...
1. when i don't get my Monday cleaning done, and it is waiting for me on Tuesday
2. people that call Rick about work stuff while he is at home
3. being married to a work- aholic
4. giving my tax refund to the dentist
5. the weather-where are the 70's-i have a feeling we are going to skip right to the 90"s

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My tree

I saw this tree and thought it was the cutest thing ever! I wanted it for Lily and Ruby's room, so I thought it doesn't look to difficult, I can do that and then I thought again, I don't have time to do this...so I know a very artistic, talented guy, who happens to be my dad and he did one for me!! I love it so much! Thanks dad, you are the best!! The tree in the catalog was about $200! Too much for me and not the right colors!

Here is my tree! For a mere $50! I know my tree is kind of floating but I wanted it pretty high up, feel free to tell me if it doesn't look so good floating and should be down closer to the floor!! And is it too busy with the artwork, maybe I should just have the 2 birds (those blue things are birds holding the string) holding 2 pieces of Lily's beautiful artwork? Is it me or is it too busy?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chuck Wicks

So my sister won some concert tickets to go and see Chuck Wicks. I was the lucky one she chose to go with her. We went to a bar, nightclub whatever you want to call it. This was my first experience at a bar, yes 36 and never been to a bar. I have to say I wasn't missing much. We had VIP tickets and thought we got to meet Chuck, but found out we didn't have the special VIP tickets to meet him, but we didn't care, we just kind of hung around the people with the "special" tickets and ended up meeting him and getting our picture with him. Can you say, CUTIE PA-TUTIE?!!!!!!!!!! By the way he is a country boy who sings "Stealing Cinderella" great song, even better now that I got to see him sing this in person!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

My trip to Colorado

Went to Denver to see my sis, so much fun. She has a fabulous new house, loved it. She was so great while we were there. We were sad to leave. Evan and Will are 1 month apart. We only hand to break up a couple fights, other than that they were so cute together! Thanks Jamie and Marcus it was so fun, can't wait to come back!

My Ruby, who was perfect the whole trip! All she needs is her 2 fingers and she is happy!! So cute!

We went to the mall, to shop? No way, to play on the breakfast foods. If all malls had these breakfast foods I might visit them more often. The boys could have stayed all day long.

Evan and my cutest nephew Will on a banana!

Evan on the bacon slide! Probably his favorite!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here are a couple of things I am thankful for today
1. My baby Ruby- who never cries.
2. My other baby Evan, who is going through a rough phase of crying all day long
3. The snow that has fallen today....NOT !
4. Coke-real coke with lots of ice so I can survive the crying I hear all day long.
5. Nap time.
6. Nice strangers. I was at the airport last weekend getting ready to get on a plane to visit my sis in Colorado.
I was struggling just a tad bit with my 2 little ones and a very attractive man, attractive in a Rob Lowe kind of way came over and asked me if he could help me, I said in a very calm and polite way, Oh Thanks but I am fine, but really I wanted to scream and say Please help me, take my 2 year old up and down the escalator 25 times, since this was the cause of his meltdown!!
7. Good friends, especially those who bring me a cafe rio salads- Thanks Amy!