Tuesday, February 17, 2009

14 months and 17 days

it is official. she is walking.
not very good.
but she is walking.
why won't she listen to me when i tell her to bend her
knees just a tiny bit more.
it will be so much easier.
why won't she do what i tell her.
because she wants to do it her way.
not my way.
and i am just the mom.
not "just" the mom.
i am the mom that will always pick
her up when she falls.
and tell her to keep going and to keep trying.
because that is my job.
and i must tell her how much i love her.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


february. i love the this month. it means we have survived january, the longest month of the year and now we enjoy the shortest month of the year. next thing we know it is march, baseball season starts, warmer weather and no more bundling up of little children with all their many layers. i also love valentines day. i remember growing up my mom always gave us the "coolest" presents. one year i got a peach colored telephone that matched my peach and aqua room perfectly. another year i got an acid-washed guess mini skirt-oh how i loved that mini skirt. so here is to a month dedicated to love and here is to finding some really "cool" gifts for my five. six if ricky poo is lucky...