Thursday, April 30, 2009

photo session

with the first baby he got his picture taken every 3 months without fail sometimes even early. the second baby was a girl she had her picture taken every 3 months also. the third wasn't quite as lucky but i was pretty good at getting her picture taken. number 4 and 5 have barely had their pictures taken at all. today was the day. the setting was beautiful . the tulips, amazing. quite a few pictures taken and a few good ones. you know the celebrity look, it just doesn't work for me. i wish she would leave something in her hair, even if it is only for picture taking purposes. but no. maybe i will try again. but i doubt it. these will have to do. and if i do say so myself i think they are pretty darn cute.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

celebrity baby

is it just me or does it seem like celebrity kids always look like a mess. their hair is never done, their clothes are goofy and never match-what exactly do those nannies do? i like to think of my ruby as a celebrity baby. although i always do her hair, she always pulls it out and it looks like this everyday. at least she has a REALLY cute face and doesn't wear goofy clothes. and her mom is not a celebrity.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

strike 3

what a busy day. we finished off the day with brendans baseball games. 2 games back to back. he got up to bat and struck out. no big deal. got up to bat again and struck out again. well 1 game over and he struck out every time. all i can think is the next game will be better. struck out again, and again, and again. the last time he got up to bat there were runners on 2nd and 3rd. we REALLY needed those 2 runs to come in, but i would have been happy with just 1 run in, oh heck i would have been happy if he just hit the dang ball. now evan is at the park crying and i need to go and help him and i decide maybe it is better if i just walk away anyway. i walk over to evan and hug him and kiss him and tell him he is ok, he will be fine and then i hear it again....strike 3. it was at that moment i wanted to take my big boy in my arms and love him and kiss him and tell him everything is ok and he will be fine. because i could tell even at 14 years old he wanted to cry, cry just like his little brother. so he had a bad day. and he never hit the ball. he came home and showered and told me he wanted to quit baseball. but an hour later he came upstairs with batting gloves on and said he was going to the batting cages. he isn't going to quit. he just had a bad day, and we all have them. they are no fun, but they happen. and thank goodness we learn to pick ourselves up and try again. because tomorrow is always a new day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

two little boys

two little boys
both 3 years old
don't always like each other
don't always like to share
will share this man
grandpa cwaig
they love him
adore him
think he is the greatest
and from what i can tell
grandpa cwaig
and thinks these two little boys
are the greatest

Sunday, April 12, 2009

spring break

spring break
no school
playing outside
enjoying the warm weather
train museum
easter egg hunts
coloring eggs
fun with cousins
all things that should be done
during spring break

easter sunday

the older 2 were acting too cool for pictures
the middle 2 are always ready to pose
the baby fell
mom got angry
this was the only picture i got
we will pretend next sunday is easter
so we can get all 5 in the photo
and hope no one is crying
or too cool
wish us luck

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


the party throwers
our favorite 40 year old

cute invitations made by our talented little jamie

opening gifts in the fab wheelchair

the group

i can't even imagine what it must feel like being 40-but today my sister knows exactly how it feels! it was her big day of turning 40! it was so fun. we pulled off a surprise little lunch with her closest friends and family. she wasn't even mad at us, not even when we made her sit in a wheelchair! a couple hours with friends, family and great food- what could be better? i hope she enjoyed her day as much as we did. i just hope i look as good as her when i turn 40, and i just might want to start imagining what it will feel like, being 40 since it is only 3 short years away for me. ugh..happy birthday niki, i love you!