Sunday, November 21, 2010

saturday night

b was home on time. even 10 min early. good boy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

kinda funny

so my last post was about how brendan wouldn't come home 1 minute after his curfew. so i thought. well he was late again. 45 min late. wow. i guess he didn't learn the first time. so we will try again until he gets that we are serious. kinda funny to me, but so not funny to him. i love the excuses and the reasons and all that he comes up with. but i am smarter than he thinks because i tried using them all when i was his age and they didn't work for me either.
so a member of the bishopric came over and rang the doorbell in his suit this weekend. evan had just gotten out of the bath and was in his birthday suit but still wanted to answer the door. i told him he couldn't do that but to peek out the window and see who it was. he exclaimed, "ITS THE PROPHET" now that wasn't kinda funny it was REALLY funny.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

you gotta do what you gotta do

i think our teenagers think we like to punish them. we don't. both of them are home on a saturday night. jess said she is never ever coming out of her room. i have a feeling she will come out of her room. and i have a feeling that she will be a little nicer to her family members and i am pretty sure brendan will not come home 1 minute after his curfew again. because staying home on a saturday night is possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to the two of them.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween and just because

halloween 2010
nerd (loved it when the girls were picking out his outfit they said it's not hard to find nerd clothes in dads closet)
punk rock fairy
illegal immigrant
'lil cupcake
grumpy 'ol troll (brendans nickname for me, troll hair??)
glamour girl
just because this outfit was way too cute to not take a picture of it.
you gotta love target.
i think her hand is sticky from the 20 pieces of candy she ate.
she really does not cooperate at all when i take her picture.
and evan distracting her doesn't help.

Friday, October 29, 2010


i am thinking we enjoyed our last warm day of fall today. it was beautiful. why do kids love fall? the leaves. playing in them, riding their bikes through them and of course throwing them. i love living in utah in the fall. soon the leaves will fall off the trees and snow and winter will be right around the corner. i don't love living in utah in the winter. ugh.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


my sister said she would like to freeze her little boy at 4 years old. i would like to freeze my 4 and 15 year old for another couple of years just so i can enjoy these ages. because they are pretty great. don't get me wrong they both can drive me bonkers. but most of the time i love to be with them. "b" drives me anywhere i want to go, and drops me off right at the door. picks me up right when i come out. except for those couple of times i have come out and he is jamming to the tunes he is listening to way too loud and isn't watching for me. i have a feeling when he turns 16 and doesn't need me in the car anymore he won't take me everywhere i need and want to go. so i am going to enjoy these last 6 months. my little evie watches every move his big brother makes and wants to be just like him. i would be pretty happy if he did turn out just like his big brother. i love them both, feel very blessed to have these boys in my life and am so happy i am their mom.

Monday, October 4, 2010


today we got out the halloween decorations. evan found this pumpkin in the storage room and wanted it in his room. at bedtime right before his story i asked him if he wanted to plug in his pumpkin. he told me no, and that he didn't want to waste the batteries. i told him this pumpkin didn't have batteries and we can just plug it in. he then said well i don't want to waste electrickity. do you think there is someone in my house that is always talking about electrickity, and how we can save money on our electrickity bill???? yep, there is. and it's not me. obviously because i would let him have his pumpkin plugged in all night or until halloween was over. maybe this is why we need to work on our electrickity bill:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

school days

i am a little late on posting first day of school pictures. but that is the story of my life. a little bit late on everything. all the kiddos are happy at school. and i have to say i am happy at home with a little quiet time. so adorable
my girl that knows how to work the camera.

jess smiling super big because she had just gotten her braces off;)

my high schooler. he asked what is he going to do next year when he doesn't have 11 fingers to hold up. i told him i don't even want to think about that. he was just evans age yesterday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer jobs

they had no idea that one of their summer jobs would be painting. that is because their crazy mother woke up one morning and decided she didn't like the color of her house anymore. they work together pretty well. and they paint pretty good too. lucky for me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lifes ups and downs

jessi tried out for cheerleader
she tried really really hard
but she didn't make it
she was sad and cried
i was sad for her
i told her if they picked the squad on cuteness
she would have made it for sure
but they picked girls with the best skills
and her skills just weren't good enough
but she has a whole year
to work on those skills
so she can try again
and she said she will try again
and that makes me so so happy
that she will try again
and cheerleader or not
i love her just the same.

Monday, March 22, 2010


those four years went fast
loves woody and buzz
loves to cuddle
still takes a nap
loves me more than anybody
was very very sick on his real birthday
happy birthday
even, ecken, evie, evster
oh how we love you

Monday, February 22, 2010

a two wheeler

i knew it was the perfect time to teach him
in st. george
on a flat street
pretty good for 3 yrs old
he loved it
so did i.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little vacay

love how ruby is chillin in the lounge chair with her bag of chips

with 5 kids and a husband who works retail we don't take too many vacations. so when a baseball tournament is out of town it turns into a family vacation. we were lucky to head down to st. george this weekend for a little fun in the sun. and that sun sure felt wonderful.

here are some highlights

"b" hitting a homerun

evan learning to ride a 2 wheeler (more to come on that one)

a playground at the baseball field- always a big plus

pedicures for me and jessie

ruby loving the swimming pool-not loving the arm floaties or life jacket

rick cooking dinner

60 degree weather

just hangin as a family

we did miss lily, she chose to stay with grandma so she didn't miss fun things going on at school.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

it's great to be 8

picture taking in the freezing cold

how she felt about taking her picture in the freezing cold
a birthday at the lion house
so much fun

birthday wishes

lily and her cute friends waiting to pull taffy

listening to the wonderful stories

all who came to her baptism

the four little darlings who sang so beautiful

lily and her daddy

we love you lily and are so proud of you

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


we play this game everyday
because it is too frigid to go out
i am always yellow
he is always red
i am always first
because i am the biggest
he is getting better at losing
i am getting better at not cheating
like when he is almost to the candy castle
and the next card will send him all
the way down to the gingerbread man
i don't let that happen
even though i know in life he will get
knocked down to the gingerbread man
and have to work his way back up to the top
but he is only 3
and i can teach him that lesson later in life.