Thursday, September 10, 2009

his first day

he thought the day would never come. i thought the day would never come. it finally came. his first day of school. and seriously, look at him work the camera. placement of the feet? the hands on the backpack? the smile? dang he's good.
lets hope he doesn't end up in the "time out" chair as much as his big brother did

why can't all my children be this excited about going to school?


Jamie said...

Wow that is one handsome dude! Did he Love his first day or what? I have been dying to know. When Will gets in trouble at preschool he gets his blinds closed ( I know I will explain another time). Well Miss Jen informed me that happened twice yesterday. So lets hope Evan doesn't take after his naughty cousin either. Seriously though I can not believe how cute he looks.

tammy said...

He is so cute! I love his excitement. Preschool is fabulous.