Monday, November 15, 2010

kinda funny

so my last post was about how brendan wouldn't come home 1 minute after his curfew. so i thought. well he was late again. 45 min late. wow. i guess he didn't learn the first time. so we will try again until he gets that we are serious. kinda funny to me, but so not funny to him. i love the excuses and the reasons and all that he comes up with. but i am smarter than he thinks because i tried using them all when i was his age and they didn't work for me either.
so a member of the bishopric came over and rang the doorbell in his suit this weekend. evan had just gotten out of the bath and was in his birthday suit but still wanted to answer the door. i told him he couldn't do that but to peek out the window and see who it was. he exclaimed, "ITS THE PROPHET" now that wasn't kinda funny it was REALLY funny.


Amy said...

I'm afraid that my boy is the reason your boy is late... little devils!