Thursday, September 27, 2012

funny. but not really.

late at night when everyone is asleep
 B will actually talk.
words do come out of his mouth.
he informed me that he had his first visit
to the principals office.
12th grade first time.
apparently he and a buddy(spencer) thought
it would be funny to copy money
and set it on the floor in the commons area at school.
to see how many people thought they had just found  a 20.
not so funny.
3rd period he gets a note.
not good.
i had one terrified, scared out of his pants teenager.
i can get so mad at this child and have plenty of times.
but when i saw the look of fear still
in his eyes
i knew i didn't need to get mad.
i just said
if you think something might be a bad idea
it usually is.
especially when it comes to counterfeit money.