Thursday, October 23, 2008

fiona flies in for the night..

every year fiona the witch (aka grandma) flies in for a fun halloween party. the kids look so forward to this every year. games, crafts, freaky food, pumpkin carving with awards, bobbing for apples and the favorite of the evening ghost pie. lots of people came this year, angelina jolie, brad pitt, indiana jones, a hippie and many more. a great time was had by all who came. fiona sure does a great job with the help of her partner mildred (grandpa) evan was a tire, yes a tire. he loves all tires, and will check every SUV to make sure they have a spare tire underneath. crazy i know. i wasn't sure how i was going to make a tire costume, but we were at walmart and i saw a wheelbarrow tire and it just happened to fit perfectly around his waist!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


this is a funny story that i have always wanted to write down. and tonight i thought i would. when lily was about 3 she was my little shadow. she loved going with me everywhere. she especially loved going to the dry cleaners. she loved the high school girls that worked there and thought they were so pretty. she was also fascinated by the little lever they got to push to one side to make all those clothes go round and round. she was so surprised that they would stop right in the exact spot where our clothes were hanging. every time we would go she would always ask me what the girls name was. i told her i had no idea because they didn't wear name tags. a couple times a week we would visit the dry cleaners, the girls knew who we were, so when we would drive up they would type in our last name and then holler at me what kind of starch do you like and i would holler back "medium" the pretty girl would walk our ticket to our window and off we went. one day after several visits to the cleaners, lily asked me the usual question, what is the pretty girls name? again i would say, "lily i have no idea what her name is." this time lily kind of chuckled in the back seat and said, "mom I know her name" i replied "you do? what is it?" she then told me," mom, her name is medium."