Monday, March 23, 2009

start of the season

the beginning of the season. we headed down south for the weekend. our first tournament of the year. our weekend consisted of baseball, eating, swimming, more baseball and the best part sleeping in! we left the two little ones with grandma and grandpa. rick only jumped out of his shoes once or twice in pure excitement. i am not sure if it was because brendan did something out of this world fabulous(i don't think so) or because he was able to spend some quality time with his one true love-a baseball game. lily was back to making instant friends with those who spend a lot of time at baseball parks also. she enjoyed games of hands-up stands-up, red-rover and tag. that old school kind of fun. the best kind of fun. and when mom says, "absolutely not, you can't sit on top of the dug-out" don't let that stop you, just go ask dad.
photos courtesy of jessica jensen. she's quite the little photographer.


Jamie said...

Oh how fun. Brendan looks so hansdome in those pics. I am sure he is a total ladies man!! Glad you had a blast. St. George is always a great escape!!

Anonymous said...

I am so-o looking forward to the season, I am embracing it with open arms.

tammy said...

I used to love any reason to head to St. George.

(Thanks for your last comment on my blog)