Wednesday, April 8, 2009


the party throwers
our favorite 40 year old

cute invitations made by our talented little jamie

opening gifts in the fab wheelchair

the group

i can't even imagine what it must feel like being 40-but today my sister knows exactly how it feels! it was her big day of turning 40! it was so fun. we pulled off a surprise little lunch with her closest friends and family. she wasn't even mad at us, not even when we made her sit in a wheelchair! a couple hours with friends, family and great food- what could be better? i hope she enjoyed her day as much as we did. i just hope i look as good as her when i turn 40, and i just might want to start imagining what it will feel like, being 40 since it is only 3 short years away for me. ugh..happy birthday niki, i love you!


tammy said...

How fun! And you know what they say about paybacks!!!

Jamie said...

Oh how much fun that was! I must say we are getting good at this party throwing stuff! You were a great hostess and your house looked amazing just like always!

Pamela Gilbert said...

thanks for hosting such a great party and for all the fun we had during spring break. the easter picture will be a treasure 10 years from now and you will laugh i promise.