Wednesday, January 13, 2010


we play this game everyday
because it is too frigid to go out
i am always yellow
he is always red
i am always first
because i am the biggest
he is getting better at losing
i am getting better at not cheating
like when he is almost to the candy castle
and the next card will send him all
the way down to the gingerbread man
i don't let that happen
even though i know in life he will get
knocked down to the gingerbread man
and have to work his way back up to the top
but he is only 3
and i can teach him that lesson later in life.


tammy said...

Such a sweet post.

tiffany said...

We are big fans of crayons and tutus around here too! Ava loves being a Sunbeam so thanks for being so good to her! She told me that Evan let her sit on his mommys lap for awhile. What a sweet boy :)

Jamie said...

Oh what a cute post! Now you will always remember those exciting candy land moments! Oh you are such a better blogger than me lately!

Amy said...

Such a cute post... I love the let it snow pic on your sidebar. Such a great picture of all of them... too cute!