Sunday, February 7, 2010

it's great to be 8

picture taking in the freezing cold

how she felt about taking her picture in the freezing cold
a birthday at the lion house
so much fun

birthday wishes

lily and her cute friends waiting to pull taffy

listening to the wonderful stories

all who came to her baptism

the four little darlings who sang so beautiful

lily and her daddy

we love you lily and are so proud of you


tammy said...

It is great to be 8. What a little beauty you have there. And what a great idea to have for her birthday party.

Jamie said...

Wait what I had no idea you updated the blog. Adorable pics of the big day. Makes me so sad I couldn't be there. She looks beautiful and yes I thinks its so true what you said, "its great to be 8". Sometimes I'd like to be 8 years old again!

Amy said...

She is so dang cute... I just love her! It was a fun day... beautiful singing, great happenings, and fun party afterwards! Thanks for including Meg and I! Lily is our special little friend. ( I put our because she always tells me she likes my shoes or my hair looks cute or nice earings... just like a girlfriend would... so she's my friend too)