Thursday, October 28, 2010


my sister said she would like to freeze her little boy at 4 years old. i would like to freeze my 4 and 15 year old for another couple of years just so i can enjoy these ages. because they are pretty great. don't get me wrong they both can drive me bonkers. but most of the time i love to be with them. "b" drives me anywhere i want to go, and drops me off right at the door. picks me up right when i come out. except for those couple of times i have come out and he is jamming to the tunes he is listening to way too loud and isn't watching for me. i have a feeling when he turns 16 and doesn't need me in the car anymore he won't take me everywhere i need and want to go. so i am going to enjoy these last 6 months. my little evie watches every move his big brother makes and wants to be just like him. i would be pretty happy if he did turn out just like his big brother. i love them both, feel very blessed to have these boys in my life and am so happy i am their mom.