Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween and just because

halloween 2010
nerd (loved it when the girls were picking out his outfit they said it's not hard to find nerd clothes in dads closet)
punk rock fairy
illegal immigrant
'lil cupcake
grumpy 'ol troll (brendans nickname for me, troll hair??)
glamour girl
just because this outfit was way too cute to not take a picture of it.
you gotta love target.
i think her hand is sticky from the 20 pieces of candy she ate.
she really does not cooperate at all when i take her picture.
and evan distracting her doesn't help.


tammy said...

I love it when the whole family dresses up!

Jamie said...

Sooo cute post and sooo cute Ruby I love love LOVE her outfit. There is no way that get up is still lingering at target...we missed out!! Super cute go girl!