Saturday, August 16, 2008


i LOVE your cute little face.

i LOVE how every time i pull into the garage you say, "thank you so much" for the ride i just gave you.

i LOVE how you say your full name, Evan Ricky Jensen with such enthusiasm.

i LOVE how you sometimes call me Mommy Ricky Jensen.

i LOVE how you love to read the same books over and over and over.

i LOVE to watch you play.

i LOVE how you sing with me before bed each night.

i LOVE that you will still let me rock you to sleep.

i LOVE you.


Mindi said...

i love the fact that he will still let you rock him.

those are some of my favorite memories with my girls.

thanks for that--

tammy said...

How cute that he thanks you for the ride. He is a cutie. I wish they could stay little for longer than they do.

Devri said...

That is adorable, and what a great post!!!!

Holly H. said...

He's so cute, I want to pinch your cheeks!

Amy said...

I love love love Evan... It cracked me up the day at the ballgame when he sat with me for the longest time and pretended the leaves were taco shells. He cracks me up. Jacks loves him too!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet boy and the fact that you can still rock him...too precious! That is one of my favorite bonding moments of the day is to rock them and look into their eyes!

gillar girl said...

he is pretty irresistable. such sweet memories.