Saturday, April 18, 2009

strike 3

what a busy day. we finished off the day with brendans baseball games. 2 games back to back. he got up to bat and struck out. no big deal. got up to bat again and struck out again. well 1 game over and he struck out every time. all i can think is the next game will be better. struck out again, and again, and again. the last time he got up to bat there were runners on 2nd and 3rd. we REALLY needed those 2 runs to come in, but i would have been happy with just 1 run in, oh heck i would have been happy if he just hit the dang ball. now evan is at the park crying and i need to go and help him and i decide maybe it is better if i just walk away anyway. i walk over to evan and hug him and kiss him and tell him he is ok, he will be fine and then i hear it again....strike 3. it was at that moment i wanted to take my big boy in my arms and love him and kiss him and tell him everything is ok and he will be fine. because i could tell even at 14 years old he wanted to cry, cry just like his little brother. so he had a bad day. and he never hit the ball. he came home and showered and told me he wanted to quit baseball. but an hour later he came upstairs with batting gloves on and said he was going to the batting cages. he isn't going to quit. he just had a bad day, and we all have them. they are no fun, but they happen. and thank goodness we learn to pick ourselves up and try again. because tomorrow is always a new day.