Thursday, April 30, 2009

photo session

with the first baby he got his picture taken every 3 months without fail sometimes even early. the second baby was a girl she had her picture taken every 3 months also. the third wasn't quite as lucky but i was pretty good at getting her picture taken. number 4 and 5 have barely had their pictures taken at all. today was the day. the setting was beautiful . the tulips, amazing. quite a few pictures taken and a few good ones. you know the celebrity look, it just doesn't work for me. i wish she would leave something in her hair, even if it is only for picture taking purposes. but no. maybe i will try again. but i doubt it. these will have to do. and if i do say so myself i think they are pretty darn cute.


Jamie said...

Oh I think those are darling! And I think Ruby's hair looks really cute. Sometimes bows just overpower their cute face anyways. And Evan oh what a little stud. I worry about all those girls that are going to be fighting for his attention one day.

tammy said...

You can say so, because they are.

tammy said...

I'm doing the same thing as Amy - the HCG. It's crazy but it works!