Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween and just because

halloween 2010
nerd (loved it when the girls were picking out his outfit they said it's not hard to find nerd clothes in dads closet)
punk rock fairy
illegal immigrant
'lil cupcake
grumpy 'ol troll (brendans nickname for me, troll hair??)
glamour girl
just because this outfit was way too cute to not take a picture of it.
you gotta love target.
i think her hand is sticky from the 20 pieces of candy she ate.
she really does not cooperate at all when i take her picture.
and evan distracting her doesn't help.

Friday, October 29, 2010


i am thinking we enjoyed our last warm day of fall today. it was beautiful. why do kids love fall? the leaves. playing in them, riding their bikes through them and of course throwing them. i love living in utah in the fall. soon the leaves will fall off the trees and snow and winter will be right around the corner. i don't love living in utah in the winter. ugh.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


my sister said she would like to freeze her little boy at 4 years old. i would like to freeze my 4 and 15 year old for another couple of years just so i can enjoy these ages. because they are pretty great. don't get me wrong they both can drive me bonkers. but most of the time i love to be with them. "b" drives me anywhere i want to go, and drops me off right at the door. picks me up right when i come out. except for those couple of times i have come out and he is jamming to the tunes he is listening to way too loud and isn't watching for me. i have a feeling when he turns 16 and doesn't need me in the car anymore he won't take me everywhere i need and want to go. so i am going to enjoy these last 6 months. my little evie watches every move his big brother makes and wants to be just like him. i would be pretty happy if he did turn out just like his big brother. i love them both, feel very blessed to have these boys in my life and am so happy i am their mom.

Monday, October 4, 2010


today we got out the halloween decorations. evan found this pumpkin in the storage room and wanted it in his room. at bedtime right before his story i asked him if he wanted to plug in his pumpkin. he told me no, and that he didn't want to waste the batteries. i told him this pumpkin didn't have batteries and we can just plug it in. he then said well i don't want to waste electrickity. do you think there is someone in my house that is always talking about electrickity, and how we can save money on our electrickity bill???? yep, there is. and it's not me. obviously because i would let him have his pumpkin plugged in all night or until halloween was over. maybe this is why we need to work on our electrickity bill:)