Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Everyone needs a Brendan

Yes he washes my car, mows the lawn, cleans the garage and even cooks steak dinners!(I did make him put on the
apron!) His best buddy was out of town over the holiday
weekend, so he just hung out at home! What a treat-minus
the teasing and tormenting he did to his sisters..I guess he can't be perfect..


Amy said...

Does he rent out? NOt for teasing...I've already got several of those. I just need someone to wear my aprons and look that darn cute!

Mindi said...

i noticed right away that he was wearing an "amy" apron---she should pay him a royalty fee!!

good lookin' kid

Holly said...

Wow, what a great kid! Does he do all this without being asked?

tiffany said...

Could you do a post on how to raise a boy to turn out like brendan. Maybe like your top five tips. You have such a cute family.