Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here are a couple of things I am thankful for today
1. My baby Ruby- who never cries.
2. My other baby Evan, who is going through a rough phase of crying all day long
3. The snow that has fallen today....NOT !
4. Coke-real coke with lots of ice so I can survive the crying I hear all day long.
5. Nap time.
6. Nice strangers. I was at the airport last weekend getting ready to get on a plane to visit my sis in Colorado.
I was struggling just a tad bit with my 2 little ones and a very attractive man, attractive in a Rob Lowe kind of way came over and asked me if he could help me, I said in a very calm and polite way, Oh Thanks but I am fine, but really I wanted to scream and say Please help me, take my 2 year old up and down the escalator 25 times, since this was the cause of his meltdown!!
7. Good friends, especially those who bring me a cafe rio salads- Thanks Amy!


Holly said...

Hi Collette! I am so glad you left me a comment! I just called Danielle and told her and she couldn't believe it. We just got back from South Africa with them on Tuesday. This is why I love blogging so much! I love your blog as well and your kids are adorable! I'm linking your blog to mine right away. :)

The Mortensen's said...

Hi there from Colorado! I just saw your comment and had to blog on yours! First of all I love Jaime to pieces - she is great! Second...I am so glad you are surviving 5! I spent the first few months in the fetal after finding out! Ahhhhh...should be interesting and fun though. We should share notes and help each other out. We are crazy eh? Ha! Your family is sooooo cute and anyone related to Jaime must be great.

Good Luck and Happy May Day!

Amy said...

Yeah! An update on the BLOG! I am so glad! You are the best... you helped me out so much today. Loved the light bulbs, but mostly the Diet Pepsi with LOTS of ice. Also the fact that I only had to make half of the apron today was FABULOUS! You saved my A! I'll bring you a salad any time!
p.s. ditch the word verification... i am an idiot and can't seem to get the darn letters right!

Jamie said...

Hey can you believe my computer is functioning enough to leave a comment!! Anyways cute blog. Will is still asking where CoCo is everyday and always thinks Evam is downstairs sleeping. We miss you. Thanks for the great visit!!